Revolution in the Listening/Speaking Classroom 2015
Perfect teacher tools for the English as a Second Language
listening /speaking teacher

Teaching paradise: Iphone 6 and JBL Flip chargeable speaker

New mobile, lightweight technologies using
bluetooth and rechargeable batteries are  totally changing the lives of ESL teachers. In particular a combination of the Iphone 6 and the JBL Flip speaker are  pretty much the stuff of dreams come to  life.

When I started teaching listening/speaking  I had to teach with cassettes. Anyone who used to do this knows what a time-consuming, annoying hassle it was rewinding and  forwarding tapes. There was no way you could pay attention to individual students and easily manage listening materials at the same time. That’s to say nothing of  the irritation when tapes got old or broke.And if you worked in  a sound lab you had to master dashboards with a thousand functions. Wow….do sound labs seem dated now. Do people still use them?

New technology has revolutionized the life of a listening/speaking teacher. It’s so refreshing to walk
into a classroom and do nearly everything more efficiently than ever before. I use an Iphone 6 with a
bluetooth connection to a JBL Flip chargeable speaker. This set up is so light and mobile and  has many
benefits. As a remote to manage the listenings, the Iphone 6 is better than the earlier Iphones as its screen is bigger and the touchscreen more sensitive. With this set up I am in total control of my equipment and never have to worry about what  audio equipment is available in the classroom. I never have to worry about finding technicians when equipment breaks down. When I’m teaching I can move around the classroom and monitor students at the same time as I am controlling the listening. If I realize the students are missing  something I can stop on the spot and explain or clarify or replay instantly .Moreover, I find that  I am able to think of  new techniques andput them into action instantaneously.
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