Past Tense Exercises and Worksheets

Ghosts is a brilliant high energy game perfect for practicing the past tense. With a capable elementary or pre-intermediate class it can become something quite special.
Example round:
First, he got out of bed.
Next, he brushed his teeth.
Then, he went for a run.
After that, he had a shower.
Finally,  he ate breakfast.
Past Tense Verbs
etc, etc
A team loses a life if
* they repeat a verb
  already used
* they make a grammar mistake
* they take too long
* they make a ridiculous sentence
INTRO This is a communicative game for reviewing past tense.
STEP 1 Draw the above stick figures on the whiteboard. Each team has 3 lives.
STEP 2 Divide the class into teams. There are three teams in my example. Brainstorm past tense verbs (get a lot). Explain the rules on the right. Model the exercise. The idea is that the first team starts with the word “First”, the second team “Next”, the third team “Then” .  Return to the first for  “After that” and the second for “Finally” and continue with each team making past tense sentences. Every time you come round to “First” the story can start in a new situation.
STEP 3 The  teams that  lose three lives die and  become  ghosts. The last team alive is the winner.
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