Making Passive Toast

1. Open the cupboard door.

2. Take out the bread.

3. Close the cupboard door.

4. Put the cutting board on the kitchen counter.

5. Open the drawer.

6. Take out a knife.

7. Close the drawer.

8. Take the butter and jam out of the fridge.

9. Close the fridge door.

10. Open the bread bag and take out a slice.

11. Put the bread in the toaster and set the timer.

12. When it’s done, take it out.

13 . Put the toast on the cutting board. Ouch! It’s hot!

14. Open the butter container and the jam jar.

15. Pick up the knife.

16. Spread some butter and jam on the toast.

17. Put the dirty knife in the sink.

18. Eat your toast!!

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