Letter Writing Exercises and Worksheets for Business English

  • Letter writing exercises for Business English students  help them expand their vocabulary and communicate more easily with clients and customers.
  • Company employees need to be able to write:
    • complaint letters
    • enquiry letters
    • thank you letters
    • application letters
    • letters to schedule meetings and appointments

Business English letter writing phrases exercise on YouTube (worksheet at link below)

2 letter writing exercises for Business English students (PDF)

Social letters – examples (PDF)

Customer Service – Dealing with Complaints

Introductory exercises for the language of complaints (PDF) 

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Email vs letter writing exercises (PDF)

Misused words & error correction exercises for business letter writing (PDF)

Write topic sentences for paragraphs-business related (PDF) 

Formal vs informal quiz (PDF)

Letter writing worksheet: looking for a product (PDF)

Letter writing worksheet: writing to a landlord (PDF)

Asking for information letter writing worksheet (PDF)

Letter/email writing expressions and exercises (PDF p26-30)

Business email exercise (PDF)

Another model business letter and

exercise (PDF)and Parts of a Business Letter Worksheet (PDF)

Formal/informal letter writing exercise (PDF)

Opening & closing emails & letters matching exercise (PDF)

Formal/informal vocabulary worksheet (PDF)

Informal letter exercise (PDF)

Informal letter exercise (PDF)

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