1. Elicit

First, draw a suggestive picture
on the board and write the question template below.

Title: ??????
Location: ??????
Main Characters: ?????
2 Main Events: ????
Ending: ?????????

Then elicit first the questions
and then answers imagining the students were entering a competition to create a scenario for a movie . The only guideline is that the picture is central to the movie. This is a fun and class warming exercise.

2. Group Work

Next, you need some pictures, one per group of three. Select some pictures
which might be suggestive of stories for movies. It’s a good idea to try and
select one action picture, one romantic picture, one comedy
picture, one horror picture etc.
to match as many film genres
as possible. Try to choose larger pictures- poster size- because they will
be put up on the walls around the classroom.
Distribute the pictures and and tell the students to answer the above questions
about their pictures in note form.

3. Speaking

Finally, put the “movie posters” up around the walls of the classroom. Ask
one student from each group of three students to remain with his or her picture with the “movie notes”. The other two students walk around the room asking the questions above and choose the best movie story. At the end of the activity
count up the votes to find a winner.

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