ESL Cause/Effect Exercises and Worksheets

  • Cause/effect writing involves understanding the logic of cause and effect. It also requires a knowledge of the expressions and vocabulary used to express causes and effects.
  • Cause/effect transitions are an important component of academic writing.
  • So students need some practice with cause/effect sentence writing.
  • In addition, a student needs to know how to structure a cause/effect essay.

10  creative and cool cause/effect writing activities

Elementary causes & effects worksheets with pictures: noise and stress (PDF)

Cause effect chart

Cause/Effect exercises

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Cause/Effect Essay Outline (pdf)

Write sentences using cause/effect phrases (PDF)

Cause/effect: sample 4 paragraph essays (PDF)

Cause/effect: complete the sentences (PDF)

Cause/effect question card-see p.2 (PDF)