ESL Collocation and Phrasal Verb Exercises and Worksheets

Learning and understanding collocations and phrasal verbs is really important for language learners. Once students start to get a grasp of common collocations and phrasal verbs in a language they are on the road to fluency. Below are a variety of exercises and worksheets designed to help improve student awareness of English language collocations and phrasal verbs.

8 Kinds of Collocation and Phrasal Verb Exercises

 Phrasal verbs worksheets (PDF)

Another  collection of phrasal verbs worksheets (PDF)

Fill in the correct phrasal verbs (PDF)

Phrasal Verbs Game

Traveling around collocations (PDF)
Hurry,rush collocations with pictures, vocabulary and speaking exercise (PDF)

More advanced collocation worksheet (PDF)

take care / take a look: verb + noun collocations with take

Common  classroom phrasal verbs worksheet (PDF)

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Matching activity for phrasal verbs (PDF)

Business phrasal verbs exercise (PDF)

Complete the conversation with phrasal verbs about childhood (PDF)

Advanced phrasal verbs worksheet (PDF)

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