Compare/contrast or Comparison Writing Exercises and Worksheets

  • Compare/contrast or comparison writing requires a number of English language skills.
  • A student must understand the language for comparing, including:
    • the comparative and superlative forms of adjectives
    • expressions used when comparing with nouns
    • and transitions for compare/contrast essays
  • Finally, an essay writing student must understand the different format options for a comparison essay.

10 easy-to-use comparison/contrast sentence, paragraph and essay writing exercises 

Comparative adjective language and listening/speaking exercises

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Comparing people: speaking & writing exercise (PDF)

Comparison/contrast transitions quiz (PDF)

Another comparison/contrast organizer (PDF)

Comparison/contrast essay planning sheet (PDF)

Comparison/contrast essay outline (pdf)

Teaching contrast (but,however although) using the theme of cities

Teaching ideas and speaking tasks for comparatives and superlatives

Comparison Contrast gapfill

Teaching Comparatives to ESL students

Comparison/contrast comprehension exercises (PDF)

A Fun Way to Generate Ideas for Comparison Paragraphs

Writing compare/contrast thesis statements (PDF)

Short comparative writing exercise: soccer or basketball (PDF)

Comparing 3 cities reading/writing exercise (PDF)

Cats and Dogs Point-by-Point Comparison Essay outline exercise (PDF)

What Do We Have In Common? Elementary exercises

Other exercises similar to above

Differences between High School and College