Environmental Issues Lesson Plans for English Language Teachers

Environmental issues are an interesting topic for the English language classroom. It’s not difficult to engage learners as the environment is a global and universally relevant subject.

However, the vocabulary can be difficult as each environmental topic and environmental phenomenon has quite extensive specialized vocabulary. So it’s good to start off with some basic vocabulary, language and speaking  exercises about:

environmental issues

endangered species

natural disasters

the weather

10 environmental issues vocabulary and speaking exercises with pictures(PDF)

Ranking global problems discussion (PDF)

Environment & Animals,Pollution & Rubbish worksheets (PDF) for ESL classes

Greatest change survey

What impact does transportation have on air quality? incl. reading, quiz and questionnaire (PDF)

Pollution report gap fill (word)

Breakingnewsenglish.com environment lessons for ESL teachers

World problems (ranking lesson)

Trash & the environment vocabulary & comprehension exercises(PDF)

Pollution vocabulary exercise (PDF)

A Greener World (Monologue)

Giving opinions about the weather (PDF)

Weather vocabulary pronunciation exercise (PDF)

Brainstorming the environment: what you can do (jpg)

Recycling lesson using scrambled pictures (PDF)

Recycling paper process activity (PDF)

Multiple choice recycling quiz with answers (PDF)

Vocabulary match and scramble worksheet (PDF)

Climate change quiz:multiple choice (PDF)

Air pollution and acid rain lessons

The Environment Vocabulary Exercise at Auto-English

Environmental Issues Vocabulary and Terminology

Forces of Nature Vocabulary Quiz