ESL Future Tense Exercises and Worksheets

1. The future tense is used to express an action that will happen in the future.

2. The future tense is made up of the present tense of the verb “to be” plus the present participle of the main verb.

3. The future tense can be used to express an intention or a prediction.

4. The future tense is often used with time expressions such as “tomorrow,” “next week,” or “in two hours.”

5. The negative form of the future tense is made by adding “not” before the main verb.

6. The future tense can be used in both formal and informal writing.

7. To form the interrogative form of the future tense, the word “will” is placed before the subject.

8. The future tense is indicated by the suffix “-ing” which is added to the base form of the verb.

Activities for teaching the future tense generally include:

speaking about plans, 

making predictions, 

surveys about opinion exercises about the future

resolutions for the future (ie. New Year resolutions

and horoscope activities. 

With a bit of thought, these can quite interesting, fun and thought provoking (especially predictions for the future.

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