Adjective Exercises and Worksheets

"L ooks Like an Island"


1 The teacher draws

a rapidfire  cartoon  map  on  the  whiteboard  including  as many  kinds  of  features  as possible. Throw  in  students’ names  as  names  of   mountains,  pubs, beaches, museums, stadiums etc…..Make sure there are some “negatives”…..
ie. trash, pollution, noise and so on.

2 Elicit questions and answers from cues on the board exploring the various uses of "like".

What…………….island like?
Is …(the  city)  interesting?
Is……………(the beach) clean?
What’s (the farm) like?
What……..(Joe’s house) look like?
Which place…….. you like?
Which place don’t you like?

3 Students:

Get pairs of students to do what you did…creating  a  cartoon  map  with  various  geographical  and  human features  using  students  names  and  with  a  few environmental and social problems.  They  have already  seen you draw a really  fast  map so they will do it quickly too (without the rapidfire model they do it slowly and  you lose  the energy of the class). Finally, put the maps up on the  wall  and  let  them  walk  around   asking  and  answering  the
rehearsed  questions.
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