Modal Verb Exercises and Worksheets

  • Modal verbs are an essential part of everyday speech.
  • They are used in many ways and can be quite challenging to teach successfully.
  • For example, they are used for giving advice, and expressing hopes and expectations. They are used for making requests.
  • They are used for expressing possibility and probability.
  • It can be a little tedious to teach modals because of these variations of usage!!

10  invitations and requests dialogues exercises for everyday scenarios

Modals for probability, possibility  advice listening/speaking worksheets (PDF)

Complaints and responses/advice (PDF)

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Giving advice worksheet (PDF)

Change the sentences with past modals of possibility (PDF)

Using Modal Verbs to Problem Solve – Discussing a Difficult Situation

“Should” questions for public health (PDF)

Have To and Don’t Have To

Modals review (PDF)

Modal verbs of permission and ability worksheet (PDF)

Modal verbs of probability exercise (PDF)

Modals for probability worksheet (PDF)

Ought to & had better worksheet (PDF)

Driving rules with modal verbs exercise (PDF)

A variety of modal exercises (PDF)

Modal verbs of obligation exercise (PDF)

Worksheet for Modals: must-mustn’t / have to-don’t have to / has to-doesn’t have to / should-shouldn’t

Modals & passives exercise (PDF)

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