Movies for ESL Speaking and Vocabulary Exercises and Worksheets

  • Teaching language with movies as the subject matter is always fun and cool.
  • It creates an immediate buzz in the classroom.
  • This is one topic that really benefits from smart phones in the classroom.
  • If you have a good questionnaire or brainstorm exercise, students are inspired to use their smartphones to search for information.
  • Movies can be used to teach the present simple tense, adjectives, stories, and surely a whole range of topics I haven’t explored yet.

Brainstorming movies vocabulary and speaking lessons (PDF)

Movie magic lesson -plot creation communicative activity

Titanic storytelling exercise with pictures (PDF)

Celebrity interview role play worksheet (PDF)

Motion Picture Analysis Worksheet (PDF)

Movie posters worksheet (PDF)

Film and cinema lesson plan

Film Festival: An ESL Lesson Plan to Get Students Talking About Movies

BBC lesson about Clint Eastwood in “Make my Day”

The English Learner Movie Guides

Techniques for story creation(Story Arts)

Brainstorming for a movie review worksheet (PDF)

Some vocabulary for writing movie reviews (PDF)

Brainstorming about the movie “The Titanic”(PDF)

Rank the following celebrities for their contribution to society -discussion lesson

Celebrity Backs:Ask yes/no questions to guess the celebrity name on each student’s back

John Lennon lesson plan: intermediate

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