Transportation and Getting Around Exercises and Worksheets

Transport  and getting around communication skills include an understanding of the various collocations used for commuting, the ability to identify different kinds of transportation and the ability to understand and explain directions.

1 Elements of traveling (with answers)

This English language speaking worksheet can be used to help students learn language for traveling around and transportation. Click on the image or the link to download the printable PDF file.Elements of traveling common phrases and expressions

Elements of traveling (PDF)

2 Using transportation (with answers)

Using transportation vocabulary & speaking exercise for English language learners and others who need to get around the city and communicate in English.
Vocabulary for getting on and off transportation

Using transportation (PDF)

3 Transport collocations (with answers)

Traveling around collocations. This English language speaking worksheet can be used to help students learn language for traveling around and transportation.
Transport and getting around vocabulary collocations exercise

Transport collocations (PDF)

4 Giving directions  (with answers)

Giving directions vocabulary worksheet with picture matching exercise for students to help them expand their vocabulary and increase their fluency when getting around in the city.
Common expressions used for giving directions exercise with imperatives.

Giving directions (PDF)

5 Giving directions 2

More “giving directions” vocabulary & expressions exercises including dictation and sentence re-ordering.
Giving directions vocabulary and exercises dictation for language learners

Giving directions exercises (PDF)

6 Kinds of transportation (with answers)

A vocabulary and picture matching exercisesthat explores the variosu modes of transportation.
Vocabulary for kinds of transportation

Kinds of transportation (PDF)

7 How many questions ….(with answers)

This is an English language exercise helping students to practice frequently asked travel and transport questions. Students try to write suitable questions for  the various parts of a train and a plane ticket.
Transport and travel frequently asked information questions exercise.

How many questions… (PDF)

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