FAQ Mini-Roleplays (Practicing Present Simple)
            INTRO: This roleplay is a suitable activity for:
             Elementary students- for present simple requests: “Where is..?”
            “Could I ?” “How much?” etc.
             Pre-Intermediate students- indirect requests with verb “to be”: “Do
             you know where it is?” and “to do”: “Could you tell me how much it
             Intermediate students– requests using “if” and gerunds: “Is it Ok
             if?” “Would you mind if?” “Would it be OK if..?” “I wonder if I
             could? Would you mind telling me if? “I was wondering
             STEP 1 

             Write the words Airline, Fair, Hospital, Ticket Counter, University, Mall,
             & Library in a list down the board. Ask the students to give a (local if
             possible) name to each place. For example:
                                             Airline……Japan Airlines
                                          University…….Bangkok University
                                     Ticket Counter……..Skytrain Ticket Counter etc.
             STEP 2 
             Select a student and ask them to choose one location and tell them
             they work at the the information counter and that you (the teacher) are a
             customer requesting information. Suppose they choose the Skytrain
             Ticket Counter and you are teaching an elementary class you might
                            “When does the next train to downtown leave?”
                            “How much does a ticket cost?”
                            “Is there a train at 1AM?
                            Can I buy a drink on the platform?”
                            and so on..
                            Model a roleplay with the student.
             STEP 3 
             Ask pairs of students to select one location. Cross out the locations on
             the board as They are selected. Tell the students to write down 5
             requests they might at ask at the information counter of their chosen
             location. Check their questions as they write.
             STEP 4 
             Finally, for the roleplay, ask one student from each pair to stand up with
             the questions. Tell them to walk around the room and talk to the seated
             students. For example:
                            STUDENT A (standing): You are the Bangkok University Information
                            STUDENT B (seated): OK.
                            STUDENT A (standing): Excuse me, when does the next term begin?
                            STUDENT B (seated): : It begins on
                            STUDENT A (standing): And can I register late?
                            STUDENT B (seated):Well,..
             STEP 5
             After the standing students have roleplayed with a number of students
             tell them to sit down and get the sitting students to stand and be the
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