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 Comparative Adjectives and Airports

January  20th

This is an interesting juxtaposition of topics. And one thing I can say for sure. Teaching about airports is much more interesting than the tedious mechanics of comparatives.  But  understanding  comparatives is the more essential skill for most language learners.

Airport and air travel language and speaking exercises

               Comparative adjectives

 New Year and the Future Tense

January  2nd

I had never thought about it before but when coincidentally working on New Year resolutions and the future tense, I realized they complement each other really well.

 12 really! easy elementary ESL classroom icebreakers

3  exercises  for the future tense: plans, predictions and schedules

4 New Year resolutions brainstorming and language exercises

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 Create-a-conversation exercises

Teaching large classes? 50 students? My average class size at the moment is 50 students. One of the most useful exercises I have stumbled into recently is create-a-conversation exercises. It is really useful on a number of levels.

5  elementary create-a-conversation exercises


Shopping is one of those topics that easily engages students if you have good exercises at the right level. I’ve found it works really well with pictures as the pictures give contexts which are very familiar to most students.

8 Speaking and Vocabulary Activities for Shopping


Sports and exercise is a  fun topic and and a good topic for speaking activities and  expanding students’ vocabulary.

6 Sport Vocabulary and Speaking Exercises

Likes and Dislikes

Elementary English language speaking activities generally focus on likes/dislikes, hobbies, interests and routines. These topics allow students to get used to practicing the present simple tense with topics that relate to their daily lives.

 2 Likes and Dislikes Speaking Activities (new)


Subject verb agreement can be pretty tedious to teach. Students really just need to practice.

5  Subject Verb Agreement Exercises

There  really  is quite an art to teaching extremely  elementary classes. Activities and exercises need to be really scaled back and minimalistic. If  you haven’t done it for a while, it can be quite a shock. This was my recent experience. But it can also be  quite refreshing to experiment with new ideas on Level  0 or Level 1.

9 Super Elementary Speaking Activities

5 Elementary Conversational Expressions Exercises

10 Adjectives Exercises and Worksheets With Pictures

Socializing includes many varied and unexpected but common everyday situations which require competent speaking skills. Students of a foreign language have to be prepared to encounter these situations and be ready with appropriate responses. Pictures help give context to these situations and help students imagine  how they might respond.

Socializing and Small Talk

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