Fears and phobias speaking and vocabulary

This page focuses on essential terminology related to fears and phobias. It consists of a variety of vocabulary activities and speaking tasks that will help students practice expressing thoughts, opinions, and experiences related to fears and phobias.

1 The science of fear vocabulary

This a great way to introduce the vocabulary of fears and phobias. This helps students understand fears and phobias through visuals and multiple choice.

The activity consists of two parts:

1. Picture/Vocabulary Activity: In this section, students will be presented with a series of images depicting various fears and phobias. Their task is to identify the fear or phobia represented in each image and learn the associated vocabulary. This will enable students to better express their thoughts and feelings on the topic and expand their understanding of different fears and phobias people may experience.

2. Multiple Choice Exercise: This part of the activity will test students’ comprehension of the new vocabulary and concepts they’ve learned in the picture/vocabulary activity. They will be presented with multiple-choice questions related to fears and phobias, where they will need to select the correct answer based on the information provided.

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2 Fears and phobias vocabulary

This is similar to the above but focuses more on language use. The vocabulary section is for more advanced students (the grammar of fears and phobias is quite difficult).

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3 Fears and phobias ranking and collocation exercises

Ranking and collocations exercises help explore the topic further. The ranking exercise will help you students recognize the differences between various fears and phobias. The collocations exercise will help improve vocabulary, fluency, and overall communication skills.

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4 Fears and phobias grammar exercises

This exercise helps students understand the rather complicated grammar related to fears and phobias.

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5 Fears and phobias speaking

This is an ESL speaking exercise for talking about fears and phobias. Students match the vocabulary to the pictures and then interview a classmate about their fears and phobias.

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