Socializing and Small Talk for English Language Learners

Socializing and small talk is one of the most important skills language learners have to master. Being communicatively competent in a variety of social situations is essential for any language learner who wants to be fluent in a second language.

4 Common socializing and small talk dialogues exercises

5 elementary conversational expressions exercises

8 invitations and requests dialogue exercises

8 likes, dislikes and other common elementary conversations activities

5  common collocations and phrasal verbs exercises

Idioms and slang

A collection of  socializing dialogs

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Parts of speech-interjections (PDF)

Interjections worksheet (PDF)

New York slang exercise (PDF)

London slang exercise (PDF)

Small Talk – Lesson Plan

ESL Test  Common Phrases and Responses

12 Business socializing  worksheets with pictures and answers (PDF)

Business etiquette quiz (PDF)

Business & socializing quiz (PDF)

Cultural differences quiz (PDF)

Common phrases and expressions used by native speakers of English in their everyday speech

10 common expressions (PDF)

Listening exercises for English language classes

9 Super Elementary Speaking Exercises

5 Elementary Create a Conversation Exercises for Speaking Classes

5 Elementary Conversational Expressions Exercises

5 First Day Activities for an ESL Class

10 Really! Elementary ESL classroom icebreakers

7 Essential Speaking Activities for ESL Classes

12 Great Icebreakers to Start a Class

8 Invitation and Request Dialogues for Everyday Scenarios