Idioms and Slang Exercises and Worksheets

Idioms and slang are important for language learners as they take students deeper into a language and its corresponding culture. Some of the worksheets below use pictures that help explain the context or meaning of the language they are illustrating. This helps make the teaching and learning of idioms more enjoyable.

3 Common Idioms and Common Slang Exercises

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Rewrite the sentences with slang but don’t use slang (PDF)

Slang & idioms discussion questions & exercises (PDF)

New York slang exercise (PDF)

American slang quiz

Interjections worksheet (PDF)

Recognizing interjections guide (PDF)

Sayings about lovers & friends exercise (PDF)

Work sayings exercise (PDF)

A number of exercises for slang, idioms & phrasal verbs incl. weather, sweet heart idioms

Write the meanings of the idioms (PDF)

Fire idioms (PDF)

Most common idiom exercise (PDF)

Formal & informal speaking quiz (PDF)