was created in 1998 as a resource for researching ESL/EFL ideas and creating lessons/courses as quickly as possible.

I initially used the Internet due to a lack of resources at the school where I once worked. This is, of course, the situation faced by many teachers around the world.

Increasingly the site became an experiment in the creative possibilities offered by advanced search techniques.

However, more recently it has become an experiment in the creation of 21st century teaching/educational materials.

Drawing on ever expanding photo/illustration/ image libraries and using flexible document design software and artificial intelligence it is now possible to create far more interesting and engaging teaching materials than twenty years ago.

There is no question that using images to teach vocabulary is more fun, more interesting, more engaging, and  more relatable. Moreover, there are so many ways images can be used to stimulate critical thinking. Not only that, it is now easy to create audio files and videos to accompany PDF worksheets.

The site is totally a work-in-progress and makes no pretense to being comprehensive. Rather it aims to explore the endless possibilities offered by new technologies.

I should add that teachers are welcome to download the worksheets on this site and use them in their classrooms. I would appreciate it if anyone who uses the materials posts links to them on their website, on Facebook ..etc.

Peter Snashall