Eslflow’s listening exercises for ESL

This is a rapidly growing collection of English language listening/speaking activities. They include PDF worksheets with exercises and scripts. Many are accompanied by videos. After an audio file has been played one time you will see three dots on the right hand side. You can download the audio file with one click.

These activities aim to improve students’ listening skills by:

  • teaching listening skills within the context of other activities such as speaking and writing.
  • using a variety of materials such as pictures, stories, articles, dialogues, and audio/video recordings.

Listening for Story telling exercises

Houses and neighborhoods

Sentence starters

4 Online Shopping Listening/Speaking and Vocabulary Exercises

9 Import/Export, Logistics and Supply Chain vocabulary and listening/speaking exercises

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 16 Elementary Conversation Exercises for Speaking and Listening Classes (including worksheets, gap fills, audio and video)

Airport and airline listening/speaking exercises

Comparative adjective worksheets

Past (simple) tense listening exercises

used to” and past continuous listening/speaking and video exercises

11 role play listening/speaking Activities

7 essential listening exercises for English as a second language classes

Listening/speaking exercises for the latest technological advances

6 present perfect grammar, speaking and listening Exercises

Listening/speaking exercises for conditionals

Body language and gestures vocabulary and listening/speaking

Using transport and getting around town listening/speaking exercises

Money and finances listening/speaking exercises

Listening exercises for imperatives and classroom language

Reported speech and indirect questions listening/speaking activities

Teaching adverbs with listening/speaking activities

Listening practice for using transitions in sentences, paragraphs and essays

Talking about shopping listening/speaking activities

Describing graphs and trends listening practice

Listening exercises for prepositions

Listening exercises for the future tense

Food, cooking and kitchens listening/speaking exercises

Describing people and appearance listening/vocabulary exercises

Advertising and branding vocabulary and listening

Debate and discussion listening exercises

Reading comprehension listening exercises

Listening/speaking exercises for modals

5 common socializing and small talk listening/speaking exercises

Listening exercises for adjectives incl. describing people and describing cities

5 Elementary Conversational Expressions and Listening Exercises

Elementary First Day of Class Activities

Present continuous listening exercises

Food and Restaurant Vocabulary, Speaking and Listening Exercises

9 Invitations and Requests Dialogues and Listening Exercises for Everyday Scenarios

20 Brilliant Business English Speaking and Listening Skills Worksheets

10 Essential Business English Vocabulary Exercises and Worksheets

Job  interview listening/speaking exercises

5 Gerunds and Infinitives Grammar, Speaking and Listening Activities

Passive voice listening/speaking Exercises

Personality listening/speaking activities

Environmental issues listening/speaking

Health vocabulary and speaking listening exercises