6 Common Socializing and Small Talk Dialogues Listening/Speaking Exercises

Socializing includes many varied and unexpected but common everyday situations which require competent speaking skills. Students of a foreign language have to be prepared to encounter these situations and be ready with appropriate responses. Pictures help give context to these situations and help students imagine  how they might respond.

1 Common imperatives for socializing 

This is a listening/speaking exercise for teaching imperatives used in every day situations.

(download PDF)

(see the video version on YouTube)

2 Social Speaking Skills (with sample answers, audio and video)

  This is a general socializing language listening/speaking exercise  to help English language learners practice expressions and phrases used in everyday conversational encounters.   Students can challenge their own speaking skills competency by trying to complete the conversational exchanges on the worksheet and then listening to the audio.

Socializing listening/speaking dialogues exercise for English learners.

Socializing and speaking skills (PDF)

Social Speaking Skills

(video mp4)

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3 Business socializing and talking on the phone (with sample answers, audio and video)

  This is another  socializing language listening/speaking exercise  focusing on a business woman’s life.      

Business socializing, requests & telephoning exercise.

Business socializing  (PDF)

Business socializing

(video mp4)

4 Socializing with friends and family (with answers)

  More short dialogues and speech bubbles for socializing with friends and family speaking skills exercise to help language learners improve their communicative fluency. Students look at the pictures and fill in appropriate questions and answers.   

Short dialogues and speech bubbles for socializing with friends and family speaking skills exercise.

Socializing with friends and family (PDF)

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5 Socializing and common everyday situations (with answers)

  Students learning a foreign language face unexpected but common everyday situations which require socializing skills. This worksheet challenges to find responses to some of these common experiences.  

Speaking skills exercise worksheet for short conversations in common everyday situations.

Socializing and common everyday situations (PDF)

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6 Socializing using more advanced/academic vocabulary (with answers)

  Another socializing worksheet focusing on common everyday situations and using slightly more advanced vocabulary.  

Socializing language worksheet using more advanced or academic vocabulary.

Socializing using more advanced vocabulary (PDF)

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