11Rocking Role Play Speaking Activities for Language Learners

1 Interview with a famous celebrity role play

Easily the most popular  and appealing role play activity is the celebrity interview role play. I suggest that the teacher models this activity with a student as a warm-up and to get students in the mood. Then students can be put in pairs and groups to carry out the interviewer-celebrity role play themselves. The teacher can roam the room to monitor grammar and language. At the end of the role play exercise, it may be a good idea to get the students to write out the complete questions and answers so the teacher can check on accuracy. This is a fun communicative exercise that allows students to to be creative and to improvise. Click on the image or the link to download the printable PDF file.

Celebrity-interview-role play speaking activity

Celebrity interview role play (PDF)

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2 Interview with a famous athlete role play

This is similar in format to the role play above.

Famous-athlete-interview role play activity

Athlete interview role play (PDF)

  3 FAQ Mini-Roleplays

This role play activity focuses on the language necessary for customer service,
INTRO: This role play activity is a suitable activity for:
Elementary students- for present simple requests: “Where is..?”
“Could I ?” “How much?” etc.
Pre-Intermediate students- indirect requests with verb “to be”: “Do
you know where it is?” and “to do”: “Could you tell me how much it costs?”
Intermediate students– requests using “if” and gerunds: “Is it Ok
  if?” “Would you mind if?” “Would it be OK if..?” “I wonder if I could? Would you mind telling me if? “I was wondering   if..?”

Information counter dialogue

FAQ Mini-Role Plays (PDF)

  4 Consumer complaint role play 

This role play activity  is great for practicing the language of consumer complaints in a variety of situations.

Consumer complaints role plays

Consumer complaint role plays (PDF)

 5 Business English introductions role play

 This is a  business English  ESL exercise. Students follow the guide on the PDF and write short conversations. 


Business introduction role plays (PDF)

6  Ordering in a restaurant conversation worksheet (with answers)

This is a  fun “Ordering in a Restaurant” gap fill speaking activity for an English language  class.   Students use the words in the box to complete the conversation. Then the students can practice  the conversations, perform role plays and/or write their own “Ordering in a Restaurant” dialogues.

Ordering in a restaurant vocabulary and expressions ESL worksheet

Ordering in a restaurant role play (PDF)

7  Hotel reception conversation worksheet (with answers) worksheet

     This is an  English  language  exercise  introducing and exploring hotel language and vocabulary. Students try to complete the conversation. Then they can create their own role play as No. 6.

Hotel-conversation and vocabulary-worksheet

Hotel conversation  role play (PDF)


8 Pictures for short role plays in random business situations

This is an elementary  business English  ESL exercise  exploring the language and vocabulary used to make short conversations in various workplace situations.  Students use their imaginations to write short conversations for each situation.


Short role plays in random business situations (PDF)


9 Lost person  roleplay

This is an ESL or English language  role play lesson  for  practicing conversational English.  I  suggest that the teacher models this activity with a  student as a warm-up and  to get students in the mood.  Then students can be put in pairs and groups to carry out the detective customer role play themselves. 

Lost person role play

Lost person role play (PDF)


10 Husband-wife  request role play

  This is an elementary  English  ESL  role play exercise  for practicing requests and phrasal or two part verbs. Students complete the conversations with suitable expressions. Then they can compare answers and carry out the role play.

Husband wife request roleplay grammar and speaking activity

Husband wife request (and phrasal verb) role play (PDF)


11 Cool Jobs

 This is a lesson appropriate for pre-intermediate and intermediate ESL/EFL students. It would be a suitable activity for using with career vocabulary or with comparative adjectives and nouns.

Cool jobs lesson

Cool Jobs (PDF)

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