5 Cool Advertising & Branding Vocabulary & Language Exercises

Advertising and branding vocabulary and listening/speaking exercises help students familiarize themselves with language, expressions and terminology necessary to get ahead in the corporate world.

1 Elements of advertising vocabulary

 This is a  business English  ESL exercise  introducing and exploring the language and vocabulary of advertising. Students try to match the vocabulary with the appropriate pictures. This exercise works well as an icebreaker at the  beginning of a lesson.

Elements of advertising vocabulary (PDF)

(see the YouTube video)

Elements of advertising

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2 Branding vocabulary worksheet (with answers)

This is an  Business English   exercise  introducing  vocabulary commonly used to talk about brands and branding. Students try to match the vocabulary with the appropriate pictures. The worksheet includes  important business and branding vocabulary including:

target audience         slogan      brand image    premium brand

market leader               customer awareness     branding strategy

brand identity       product line            brand loyalty     brand ambassadors

Vocabulary and listening exercise for company branding

Branding vocabulary   (PDF)

Branding vocabulary

This is a listening and dictation exercise for familiarizing students with advertising related vocabulary.

(download PDF)

Advertising related vocabulary diction

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4 Advertising survey and speaking lesson

    This is an ESL   speaking and writing lesson  for talking about advertising.  First, students write five survey questions about advertising. There are some examples of  questions on the first page of the PDF.  When they have written five questions on Page 2 of the PDF,  they can walk around the class asking  classmates their questions and noting down their answers on the worksheet. Finally, they write a short report from their survey  question answers. This is a fun communicative exercise that allows students to mix freely. 

Advertising survey and speaking activity

Advertising classroom survey lesson (PDF)

5 Branding questionnaire speaking lesson

This is an ESL speaking activity, questionnaire that encourages  discussion around the topic of branding.

Advertising survey and speaking activity

Branding questionnaire (PDF)

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