Amazing Adverbs Listening/Speaking Exercises

Adverbs are quite fun  to teach with  photos that convey  meaning  and  context. Moreover, pictures and listening exercises help make grammar lessons more entertaining.

1 Amazing adverbs (with audio and answers)

A listening/speaking activity for adverbs. It is quite fun teaching adverbs with pictures and audio.  Students  try to match the adverbs to the pictures and complete the sentences. Then they can listen to the audio.

Adverbs listening/speaking for language learners.

Amazing adverbs  (PDF)

(Amazing adverbs Youtube video)

Amazing adverbs audio

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2 Common adverbs 1 (with audio and answers)

This  exercise focuses on  common adverbs.     First, the students match the words to the pictures. Then they try to complete  sentences using the adverbs. This exercise uses pictures to help illustrate commonly used adverbs.

Elementary adverbs picture and adverb matching worksheet.

 Common adverbs 1 (PDF)

Common adverbs 1

3 Common adverbs 2 (with answers)

This  exercise is an alternative or extension of the one above. This is a bit a bit different in that audio conversations are not sequential. Students have to match the audio items to the pictures. So they have to listen to the audio and identify the context. Personally, I prefer this kind of exercise.

Another elementary adverbs practice worksheet for English language learners.

 Common adverbs 2 (PDF)

Common adverbs 2

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 4 Brainstorming  adverbs and sentences (with  answers)

This  is a fun class activity. The class can brainstorm the best ways to complete the sentences.

A brainstorming exercise for adverbs.

Brainstorming  adverbs  (PDF)

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