5 Exercises for the Future Tense: Plans, Predictions and Schedules

Visual and audio cues can help convey the three primary uses of the future tense. Calendars are used for plans and schedules. Images containing action can be used for predictions.  Teaching  with the aid of images can help clarify the future tense for students.

1 What are your plans?

A useful vocabulary and speaking activity for talking about plans with “going to”.

(download PDF)

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2 Plans, predictions and schedules ( with audio and answers)

Expanding on the above, this exercise includes another instance when the future tense is used: schedules. The present tense is used for talking about scheduled activities in the future.

Plans, predictions and schedules future tense language and grammar activity.

Plans and predictions and schedules (PDF)

(see the YouTube video version)

Plans, predictions and schedules

3 Plans and predictions (with audio and answers)

The two most basic uses of the future tense are for plans and predictions. This exercise includes some common situations when the future tense might be used: talking about the weather, economics (money), careers and immediate actions.

Future tense plans and predictions grammar and language lesson.

Plans and predictions (PDF)

Plans and predictions

4 Talking about plans with  “going to”

“Going to” is the most basic form of the future tense usually taught to students learning the English language. This is a good speaking activity that encourages students to speaking a personal way about the future.

Future tense "going to" speaking activity for English as a Second Language students.

“Going to” (PDF)

5 Making predictions with “will”

Making predictions is a pretty engaging exercise. And I think this survey-type activity is an excellent way to have a discussion class. Moreover, it can work at fairly low levels.

Making predictions questionnaire for students using "will"

Making predictions with “will” (PDF)

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6 Predictions survey

This is a speaking and writing exercise for English language learners to practice using the future tense. Students write 5 questions about the future using the questions at the top of the page as an example. Then they interview 5 students and write a short report about their survey. Click on the image below or the link to download the PDF file.

Predictions survey for teaching the future tense classroom exercises.

Predictions survey (PDF)

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