6 Gerunds and Infinitives Grammar, Speaking and Listening Activities

1 Basic gerunds for likes/dislikes (answers and audio)

Basic gerunds vocabulary and listening/speaking exercise for talking about likes and dislikes. Students write sentences about the pictures and then answer questions using gerunds.  It can also be a listening activity. Students listen to the audio and match Item (A/B/C….) to the pictures.

Basic gerunds vocabulary and speaking exercise

Basic gerunds likes/dislikes (PDF)

(Basic gerunds video on YouTube)

Basic gerunds

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 2 Gerunds: write a free time activities conversation

Students use  vocabulary cues to write  a conversation with gerunds. it’s agreat way to get students more engaged with the language.

Write a conversation worksheet for gerunds.

Gerunds: write a conversation (PDF)

See the YouTube video

3 Basic gerund brainstorm

This is an easy and  fun classroom icebreaker and brainstorming activity to introduce gerunds.

(download PDF)

4 Gerunds and infinitives for gadgets and devices ( with audio and answers)

This is a fairly elementary gerunds and infinitives listening/speaking activity. It’s also a pretty good fluency exercise or review as gerunds and infinitives are so commonly used in everyday speech.

Gerunds/infinitives listening and speaking exercise

Gerunds and infinitives listening/speaking exercise (PDF)

(see the YouTube video)

Gerunds and infinitives for gadgets and devices

5 Gerunds and infinitives sorting worksheet

Gerunds and infinitives sorting exercise worksheet for English language grammar students. Students sort the verbs into the appropriate gerund/infinitive/both columns.

Gerunds and infinitives sorting exercise worksheet

Gerunds and infinitives sorting (PDF)

 6 Gerund and infinitive sentences (with answers and audio)

Students use  picture cues to write sentences with gerunds and infinitives. Then they listen to the audio and check/compare answers.

Writing sentences with gerunds and infinitives

Gerund and infinitive sentences (PDF)

Gerunds and infinitive sentences

 7 Brainstorming gerunds and infinitives

Similar to the brainstorm above (exercise 2) but expanding to include both gerunds and infinitives.

Gerund and infinitive brainstorm activity

Brainstorming gerunds/infinitives (PDF)

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