3 Comparative Adjective Exercises and Worksheets

1 Comparative adjective chart exercise (with answers)

This is an  elementary exercise  to help students understand and remember the different forms of comparative adjectives. Students write in the appropriate adjectives to complete the chart.  Click on the image below or the link  to download the PDF file.


Comparative adjective chart exercise for elementary English grammar students.

Comparative adjective chart exercise (PDF)

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2 Comparative adjective sorting exercise (with answers)

This is another  elementary exercise  challenging students’ understand ing of  the different forms of comparative adjectives. Students fill in each column with the appropriate comparative adjective form.  


Comparative adjective sorting exercise for English language grammar students.

Comparative adjective sorting exercise (PDF)

3 Writing sentences with comparative adjectives (with answers)

In this exercise, picture cues are used to suggest comparisons. Students use the adjectives at the side of the page or their own ideas to write sentences. Multiple adjectives might apply to each set of pictures and it would be possible to ask the students to write as many sentences as possible to describe the pictures. Elementary students might be asked to write basic comparisons with nouns while more advanced students might be asked to use gerunds.


Writing English language sentences with comparative adjectives.

Writing comparative adjective sentences (PDF)

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