Reported Speech and Indirect Requests Listening and Speaking Exercises

Indirect questions and reported speech are two aspects of English grammar that can be a little tricky. Practice with pictures and  listening using multiple intelligences can help make lessons more entertaining and engaging.

1 Reported speech listening/speaking (with audio and answers)

Reported speech is an essential but sometimes overlooked aspect of English grammar. This is a fairly elementary exercise.  Students can try to complete the speech bubbles. Then they can listen to the audio to compare answers.

Reported speech listening/speaking exercises.

Reported speech (PDF)

(see the YouTube video)

Reported speech

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2 Reported speech brainstorm (with audio and possible answers)

An introductory exercise  for reported speech.

Reported speech icebreaker and brainstorming exercise.

Reported speech brainstorm (PDF)

Reported speech brainstorm

3 Indirect questions (with answers and audio)

This is an indirect questions listening and speaking  exercise and activity. Students  try to complete the invitations conversations using the pictures and the vocabulary. Or students can listen to the audio and match the vocabulary and phrases to complete the questions.

Indirect requests listening and speaking activity.

Indirect questions listening/speaking (PDF)

(Indirect questions Youtube video mp4)

Indirect questions audio

4 Indirect  questions challenge(with audio and answers)

An exercise to introduce or review indirect questions.

Indirect questions grammar and listening/speaking exercise.speaking

Indirect questions challenge (PDF)

Indirect questions

5 Celebrity interview: advanced reported speech with academic reporting verbs (with audio and answers)

This is a more advanced reported speech exercise for listening/speaking or writing students. I’ve noticed that even quite good students often have trouble using a variety of reporting verbs. In this exercise, students listen to a interview with a celebrity and write sentences using the specified reporting verbs.

Celebrity interview reported speech listening/writing exercise.

Celebrity interview: reported speech (PDF)

(see the YouTube video)

Celebrity interview: advanced reported speech

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6 Reporting verbs (sorting)

This is an exercise for academic writing, or any kind of advanced writing. I’ve noticed over years that students just didn’t get “reporting verbs”. They had a lot of trouble introducing paraphrasing and quotations. I have never got around to doing anything about it before. But I’m pretty proud of this exercise. It makes a nice writing lesson to go along with essay writing activities that require doing some research. Bringing the research into an essay requires paraphrasing and quotations. Reporting verbs are often quite flexible and difficult to explain but this activity helps generate discussion and a better understanding of their various uses.

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