8 Innovative Comparison/Contrast Sentence, Paragraph and Essay Writing Exercises

1 Compare/Contrast Essay  Organizer (with example)

This is a worksheet that  introduces  students to one method of preparing a topic for a comparison/contrast essay. Click on the image below or the link to download the PDF file.

Comparison/contrast organizer example and template

Comparison/contrast organizer template and  example  (PDF)


2 Compare/Contrast Outline Worksheet (with example)

This is a comparison/contrast outline worksheet to help students organize their ideas and plan their essay. The model compares movies and concerts.

Compare/contrast outlining worksheet with example

Comparison/contrast outline worksheet with  example  (PDF)


Brainstorming ideas for comparison/contrast essay

  This is a  comparison/contrast brainstorming worksheet to help students become familiar with the language of  comparison/contrast  essays.  It also helps them organize their ideas.

Brainstorming ideas-for-a-comparison-contrast-essay

Brainstorming comparison/contrast topics and  ideas (PDF)

4 Comparison sentences 1 (with possible answers)


  This is a   worksheet to help students  practice writing  comparison sentences and increase their writing flexibility and fluency.

Comparison/contrast sentence writing exercise

Writing  comparison/contrast sentences exercise (PDF)

Comparative adjective sorting ( with answers)

This is an  elementary exercise  to help English language students understand and remember the different forms of comparative adjectives. Students sort the adjectives into the appropriate columns and then write sentences.

Comparative adjective sorting and writing exercise

Comparative adjective sorting and sentence writing exercise (PDF)

6 Comparison/contrast essay: high school students vs university students (with possible answers)

This is a comparison/contrast essay worksheet. Students have to complete the essay with appropriate ideas.

Comparison essay high school vs university students

Comparison/contrast essay ( high school vs university students) exercise (PDF)

7 Comparisons: similarities & differences (with answers)

This is a worksheet to help students practice writing sentences comparing similarities and differences.

Similarities and differences writing exercise

Similarities and differences exercise (PDF)

8 Comparison essay: the city or the countryside ?

This is a comparison/contrast essay worksheet. Students have to complete the essay with their own ideas

City vs countryside essay writing exerciseCity vs countryside  exercise (PDF)

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