Essential Opinion and Argument Writing Templates and Worksheets

Opinion and argument writing is a great topic if you have good activities and exercises to develop students’ ideas.  Brainstorming and organizing exercises help students generate language and ideas that can be the basis of good opinion/argumentative writing.

1  Controversial  topics

  This is a discussion and argument essay brainstorm worksheet for controversial topics. Students need to decide whether they are pro or con each issue and support their position with three reasons.  

Brainstorming controversial topics in 2020

Controversial topics (PDF)

(see the YouTube video)

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2 Working from home vs working in the office argument essay lesson

This is an excellent engaging essay writing lesson. It’s topical, engaging and highly relevant to students’ lives. The lesson includes vocabulary, brainstorming, sentence writing and essay outlining.

Working from home vocabulary and brainstorm worksheet

Working from home vs working in the office (PDF)

3 Elementary opinion writing lesson

This is an elementary  and introductory opinion writing lesson for lower level or beginner students including brainstorming, outlining and paragraph writing.

Elementary opinion writing lesson

Elementary opinion writing lesson (PDF)

8 comparison/contrast templates and exercises

10 cause/effect writing activities

3 kinds of exercises for teaching transitions

6 memorable narrative essay writing practice exercises (PDF)

6 delightful descriptive paragraph and essay writing exercises  (PDF)

11 essential exercises for elementary writing students (PDF)

9 exercises for writing process essays


4 Brainstorming  controversial Issues (opinion/argument essay icebreaker)

This exercise is a great way to get students started on opinion or argument essay writing. It’s a brainstorming worksheet for controversial issues. Students try to fill the worksheet in with appropriate topics, sub-topics and questions about controversial issues.

Brainstorming controversial issues worksheet

Brainstorming controversial issues(PDF)

 5 Brainstorming for an argument essay exercise

           This is a brainstorming template  for an argument or opinion essay. Students choose a topic for  their essay, write it in the centre of the worksheet and  then brainstorm the benefits/disadvantages ..pros/cons …etc.


Brainstorming for an argument essay (PDF)


6  ‘Distracted Driving” Opinion Essay Outline Exercise (with answers)

This is a matching exercise for an opinion essay outline. Students have to match the sentences of an essay about distracted driving on page 2 to the correct parts of the essay outline on page 1. This helps reinforce or review students’ knowledge of essay structure. Answers are provided on page 3 of the PDF file.

Opinion essay outline exercise

Opinion essay outline matching exercise (PDF)


7 Opinion essay box outline template/worksheet

This is an outlining exercise for an opinion essay. Students choose a topic for their essay and then try to plan their essay by filling out the worksheet with ideas and information appropriate to each part of the essay. The first page of the PDF worksheet has an example essay template already filled out for reference.

Opinion essay outline template

Opinion essay box outline template/worksheet (PDF)

  8 Opinion paragraph outline exercise: Uniforms

As above , this is another exercise practicing the outlining of an opinion paragraph.  Also, before this exercise, it could be a good idea to brainstorm about uniforms.  Click here for brainstorm worksheet

Uniforms or casual clothes paragraph writing exercise

“Uniforms or Casual Clothes” outline worksheet (PDF)

 9 Opinion paragraph outline exercise: “Lotteries”

This an exercise for practicing the outlining of an opinion paragraph. Students look at the information already filled in. Then they complete the outline with their own ideas.

Opinion paragraph writing exercise

Lotteries outline worksheet (PDF)


10 Writing opinion sentences about new technologies (with answers)

This worksheet that can be used  to help students  improve their writing skills and express their opinions about automated and robotic technologies including driverless vehicles, smartphone payments and smart watches.

Writing opinions exercise about automated and robotic technologies

Writing opinion sentences about automated devices/new technologies (PDF)


11 Opinion essay exercise: “Autonomous Vehicles”

This is English language exercise for practicing essay writing. The topic is Students look at the information already filled in. Then they complete the essay with their own ideas.

Autonomous vehicles opinion essay outlining and writing practice

Autonomous vehicles essay writing practice (PDF)

11 Classroom Debate and Discussion Language and Critical Thinking Activities

8 Dynamic Classroom Brainstorming Techniques

6 ESL Exercises and Worksheets for Talking about Cities

15 Captivating Computing, Technology and Innovation Vocabulary and Language Exercises


12 Argument essay: advantages /disadvantages of starting a small business

This an argument essay exercise including a brainstorming activity to generate language and vocabulary about the advantages and disadvantages of  starting a   small business followed by an outlining exercise for an essay on this topic.

Advantages and disadvantages of starting a small business

Advantages/disadvantages of starting a small business(PDF)

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