Practical Process Essay and Writing Exercises

Brainstorming, outlining  and  exercises help students to order processes in a logical format and introduce students to process paragraph and essay writing.

1 Writing topic sentences for process essays (with possible answers)

This exercise helps students learn how to write topic sentences for process essays. Students look at the pictures and try to write appropriate topic sentences.

Writing topic sentences for process paragraphs and essays.

Writing topic sentences for process essays (PDF)

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2 Brainstorming processes for process essays

This is a brainstorming exercise for ideas for a process essay. It is a good icebreaker and a nice way to ease into the topic.

brainstorming topics for a process essay

Brainstorming topics  for a process essay (PDF)


3 Process essay outline exercise

This exercise helps students understand how to write an outline for a process essay. Students match the scrambled sentences on the Page 2 to the appropriate part of the essay outline.

Process essay outlining exercise

Brainstorming topics  for a process essay (PDF)


4 Process  outline template

This is a process outline template (with example) to help students clearly and logically organize their ideas.

Process outline template for 5 paragraph process essay.

Brainstorming essay outline template (PDF)

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5 Process essay topic and support sentence exercises

This exercise helps students become familiarized with process essay topic and support sentences. Examples are given at the top of the worksheet and students complete the exercises lower down.

Writing support sentences in process essays exercise.

Process essays topic and support sentences (PDF)


6 Processing an order exercise (elementary)

This exercise helps students understand how to write sentences in the active or passive tenses when describing a process.

Processing and order elementary writing exercise.

Processing an order (PDF)


7 Job application process worksheet (elementary)

This is a worksheet describing the job application process. Students look at the pictures  and write appropriate sentences for each step of the process.

Job application process writing exercise

Job application process (PDF)

8 Process paragraph graphic organizer

This process paragraph graphic organizer helps students organize their ideas in a logical order or steps or stages before writing a process essay.

Graphic organizer for writing a process paragraph.

Process paragraph graphic organizer (PDF)

9 Online Order Processing exercise (with answers)

Students match the vocabulary to the online order graphic. This exercise helps students become familiar with the language, vocabulary and expressions of online order processing.

Online order process language and vocabulary worksheet.

Processing and online order vocabulary exercise (PDF)

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