ESL Brainstorming Exercises and Worksheets

  • Brainstorming exercises are great icebreakers. They are a great way to start a class and they are also a great way to engage students.
  • Students can freely associate ideas to a topic. This  allows them to be more creative and explore any path their minds might take.
  • Brainstorming exercises are casual and collaborative.
  • Moreover, they can be modified in many ways to make them more compelling or more focused. Below, you will find many kinds of  brainstorming worksheets for many topics.

8 Dynamic Classroom Brainstorming Techniques

Creative Brainstorming Ideas

Brainstorming classification (PDF)

Brainstorming comparison/contrast (PDF)

Great mind map examples (PDF) for different topics

Brainstorm: modes of human expression & communication

Mind map and concept map examples

Decision making grid: wars, social problems  etc.

Brainstorming environmental issues worksheet (PDF)

Brainstorming daily activities (PDF)

Brainstorming or an argument/opinion essay (PDF)

Cause/effect fishbone graphic organizer 1(PDF)

Brainstorming cause/effect topics for essays & paragraphs (PDF)

Brainstorm facts and opinions (PDF)

Brainstorming controversial issues and opinion
questions (PDF)

Brainstorming language acquisition collocactions worksheet (PDF)

Brainstorming process essay topics and steps (PDF)

Brainstorming environmental issues guide (gif)

Brainstorming the environment: what you can do

Clothing mind map

Gerunds brainstorm and speaking activity

Brainstorming topics for descriptive essay writing worksheet (PDF)

Brainstorming template for a descriptive essay about a place you are familiar with (PDF)

Brainstorming effects of social trends worksheet exercise (PDF)

Brainstorming hairstyles exercise (PDF)

Brainstorming a personal story for a narrative essay (PDF)

Brainstorm chart for a speaking exercise: vacations

Vocabulary Word Map (PDF)

Vocabulary chart