Adjectives Listening/Speaking/Vocabulary Exercises

The way to teach adjectives is to have a variety of  exercises. These can include:

  • Positive/negative adjective sorting
  • Picture matching: matching adjectives to emotions or situations
  • Personality surveys
  • Audio listening/speaking exercises help  give a better feel of the context

1  Common adjectives for describing people  (with audio and answers)

Students try to match the vocabulary to the pictures. Then they listen to the audio and match the items to the pictures and check that they matched the correct adjectives to the pictures.

Elementary adjectives for describing people

Elementary adjectives for describing people (PDF)

Common adjectives for describing people

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2 Adjectives for the city (with audio and  answers)

       This is an  ESL listening/speaking/vocabulary exercise  for   adjectives for describing the city.   This uses a similar  format to the exercise above.  

Adjectives for the city listening/speaking activity

Adjectives for the city (PDF)

Adjectives for the city

3 Adjectives for life (with audio and  answers)

  This is another listening  activity for adjectives worksheet  to help students talk about everyday situations and  behavior through adjectives.      

Elementary adjectives listening worksheet for describing everyday activities.

Adjectives for life (PDF)

Adjectives for life

4  Adjective icebreaker

      This is  an excellent elementary  icebreaker for a lesson about adjectives.

Icebreaker for teaching adjectives to ESL students.

Adjective icebreaker (PDF)

3 Comparative Adjective Exercises and Worksheets

4 Exercises for Aspects of Nouns

Making Adverbs Beautiful

Ed/ing Adjectives

5 Basic adjectives for things  (with answers)

 This is an ESL  exercise to help familiarize students with basic adjectives. Students match the adjectives to the pictures and write short sentences. This worksheet helps introduce, reinforce or review students’ knowledge of adjectives. And it helps improve their skills.

Adjective for things vocabulary and picture matching exercise

Adjectives for things (PDF)

6 More common adjectives for people (with answers)

        This is an ESL  exercise to help familiarize students with basic adjectives for describing people. Students match the adjectives to the pictures and write short sentences. Pictures engage the attention of students and they also encourage  students to use critical thinking skills.

Adjectives for describing people vocabulary and picture matching exercise

Adjectives for people (PDF)

 7 Personality adjectives dictation

      This is similar to Exercise 3  above but includes many exercises for teaching personality adjectives.

Personality adjectives lesson

Personality adjectives (PDF)

 8  Personality Adjective Survey 

  This is an ESL   speaking and writing lesson  for  learning  adjectives. Each student chooses an adjective and writes five survey questions using his/her adjective. They then walk around the class asking their questions and noting down their answers. Finally, they write a short report from their survey  question answers. This is a fun communicative exercise that allows students to mix freely.

Elementary personality adjective speaking activity

Personality Adjective Survey (PDF)

    This is a fun,  creative and communicative ESL  speaking activity for   adjectives. Each student gets one or more slips of paper, chooses an adjective, draws some kind of picture or cartoon about an  adjective (of  their choice or assigned by the teacher) and then writes a multiple choice question about the picture. They can write the correct answer on the back of the slip of paper. When all the students are finished the students can walk around quizzing other students or the slips of paper can be handed around. 

Click here for the Adjective Gallery  PDF file 

10 Everyday adjectives

    This is an ESL exercise   for  learning and  using common, everyday adjectives . Students match the the adjectives to the pictures is an enjoyable and fun way to learn adjectives. . First, the students match the words to the pictures. Then they try to short conversations using the words. 


Everyday adjectives (PDF)

11 Adjectives for a businessman (with answers)

    This is an  ESL exercise for practicing the use of adjectives that  might be useful in business English.  Students match the adjectives to the pictures and if possible, try to make a sentence explaining why the adjective matches the picture. 

adjectives for a businessman lesson

Adjectives for a businessman (PDF)

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