Ed/ing Adjectives Exercises Using Picture Cues

1 Ed/ing adjectives  exercise  (with possible answers)

   Students practice using ed/ing  adjectives by looking at the pictures and writing sentences. Students label the situations shown in the pictures and complete the short conversations using the pictures as cues.  They try to use ed/ing in the conversations:

bored/boring, annoyed/annoying, confused/ing, excited/ing. frightened/ing, disappointed/ing, embarrassed/ing etc

Ed/ing adjectives exercise for grammar students

Ed/ing adjectives 1 (PDF)

(see the video on YouTube)

Ed/ing adjectives conversation

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2 Ed/ing adjectives  exercise  2(with possible answers)

Use ed/ing adjectives to write sentences about the pictures. Adjectives to use: relaxed/ing, bored/ing, confused/ing, annoyed/ing, disappointed/ing, excited/ing, disgusted/ing frightened/ing, tired/ing, shocked/ing. embarrassed/ing, exhausted/ing.

Ed/ing adjectives exercise 2

Ed/ing adjectives 2 (PDF)

Ed/ing sentences

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