Sentence Starters

Sentence starters can help you to express your ideas more clearly. They can also help you to practice or review specific aspects of language.

1 Express yourself

This is a fairly elementary exercise to get students expressing their own ideas.

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Express yourself

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2 Adjective sentence starters

An adjective sentence starters exercise for English language students to review and/ or practice expressing themselves with adjectives.

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3 Present perfect sentence starters

This is a sentence starter exercise which attempts to cover many of the variations of the usage of the present perfect tense.

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Present perfect sentence starters

4 Job interview sentence starters

This is a useful exercise for preparing for and practicing job interviews.

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5 Letter writing sentence starters

Letter writing sentence starters can help improve the writing skills of Business English students.

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6 Reflective sentence starters

A more advanced exercise for students with really good grammar, language and critical thinking skills.

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7 Flight attendant sentence starters

Sentence starter (or complete the sentence) exercises are a good way to introduce, practice and review the language of flight attendants.

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