Daily routines and schedules

Daily routines and schedules is a popular topic focus for teaching the present simple, adverbs of frequency and adverbial phrases of time. It’s also a fairly easy topic for elementary students, though it can be adapted for higher levels.

1 Daily routine of a skyscraper window cleaner

Each of these exercise get a bit more advanced. This is a day in the life of a guy who cleans the windows of skyscrapers.

(download PDF)

(see the You Tube video)

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2 Write a conversation exercise: routines and daily activities with dialogue and audio for a listening exercise

Write-a- conversation exercises work really well for many topics including routines and daily activities.  This present simple exercise focuses on the language used for talking about routines and daily activities.

Elementary routines and daily activities conversation or dialogue writing exercise for English language students.

Routines and daily activities (PDF)

(YouTube video gap fill version)

3 Brainstorming routines and daily activities

A brainstorming exercise as an icebreaker or introduction to a class talking about routines.

(download PDF)

4 Adverbs of frequency

This is a useful and easy activity that introduces students to adverbs of frequency.

(download PDF)

Adverbs of frequency

5 Adverbs of frequency and adverbial phrases of time

This is another exercise for expanding students’ use of adverbs of frequency and adverbial phrases of time.

(download PDF)

6 Elementary daily routine reading comprehension: a boy

This is an elementary present tense reading/listening comprehension exercise about a boy’s daily routine. It includes basic prepositions for talking about time, and basic transition words for describing a routine (as do the other reading exercises below).

(download PDF)

7 Elementary daily routine reading comprehension: a girl

This is a little more advanced than the exercise above. It follows “a day in the life” of Lucy.

(download PDF)

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8 Daily routine or “a day in the life” of a celebrity

This reading is getting more advanced again, and actually gets closer to a discussion activity.

(download PDF)

9  Brainstorming routines/daily activities

    An older elementary ESL exercise for brainstorming language to describe routines & daily activities in the present tense. Students  can brainstorm individually, in groups, or as a class. Students use the verbal and visual cues  to fill in the worksheet.  


Brainstorming routines and daily activities (PDF)

10 Do or Make ?? collocations exercise for daily routines (with answers)

Students match the verbs  “do” or “make” with the nouns in the center of the worksheet.Then they match the collocations to the appropriate pictures. Once they have done this they use the collocations and their own ideas to write sentences at the bottom of the page

Do vs make collocations for talking about daily routines

Do or make collocations (PDF)

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