6 Amazing Describing People and Appearance Listening, Vocabulary and Language Exercises

1 What do they look like ? (with  audio and answers)

This is a  describing appearance listening, vocabulary and writing exercise. First, students listen to the audio and match the items (A-I) to the pictures. Then students use the vocabulary in the center of the worksheet or their own ideas  to write descriptions of the people in the pictures. 

Describing people writing exercise

Describing people and appearance listening and  writing (PDF)

(audio mp3)

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2 Elements of appearance  vocabulary worksheet (with answers)

     This is an  English  language  exercise  introducing and exploring the language and vocabulary for describing people.  Students try to match the vocabulary with the appropriate pictures.


Describing appearance vocabulary exercise

Elements of appearance vocabulary (PDF)

3 Describing people word sorting

  This is an ESL exercise to help students become familiar with
vocabulary for describing appearance. Students sort the words into the appropriate columns.


Describing appearance vocabulary sorting

Describing  appearance word sorting (PDF)

4 What do they look like ? (conversation/speaking activity)

In this conversation or speaking exercise students  practice  creating  a conversation describing someone’s appearance. They use the conversation skeleton  below to create their own conversation.  This could also be adapted to be a speaking activity.


Describing appearance speaking activity

Describing  appearance conversation  (PDF)

5 What do they look like 2? (writing activity)

This is similar to the second exercise above but with different pictures.

A second describing appearance writing worksheet

Describing  appearance writing 2  (PDF)

6 Describing a person

In this writing exercise students  brainstorm  information about a person they know well. Then they write a more wholistic description of a person including appearance, personality and other aspects of his/her life.

Describing a person writing exercise

Describing  a person  (PDF)

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