Describing Appearance Exercises and Worksheets

Describing people is an essential  topic in all elementary English language courses. Students need to be able to talk about, and write about appearance. Many of the worksheets below use pictures to  help make this an enjoyable classroom topic.

6  describing people and appearance vocabulary and language exercises

More exercises for teaching clothes, accessories and fashion (PDF)

Describe a person worksheet (word)

Who’s wearing what? Using a collection of 18-20 pictures of people

Describing people vocabulary (PDF)

Describing people: appearance vocabulary and exercises (PDF)

Describing a Person: Adding Details

Take a look in the mirror: What do you see? Elementary ESL Lesson

Dating Servicepersonal description lesson plan template

ESL Lesson idea: Describing Clothes (PDF)

Describing People Teaching Idea-nice handout (PDF)

Party dress code definitions