5 Elementary Conversational Expressions and Listening Exercises

January 21st, 2021

Matching elementary and common conversational expressions and phrases  to pictures is a great way of teaching students by giving visual context to language and vocabulary. Audio files are now being included so it provides useful listening practice too.

1 Elementary  greeting, introductions and common expressions  listening and vocabulary exercise (with answers and audio)

This is a great exercise for a really elementary class. It’s a listening and vocabulary  activity.  First, the students listen to the audio and write the correct letter on each picture. They audio should be played in a repeated loop until the students get  a grasp of the task. Then, as a review and to reinforce the vocabulary, the students write the matching expressions below the pictures. Of course, it’s also possible to the vocabulary matching first and the listening second.


Elementary expressions, language and vocabulary pictures matching exercise

(Conversational expressions PDF)

( audio mp3)

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2 Elementary expressions for going out & socializing (with answers and audio)

This is another listening and vocabulary worksheet focusing on language used when people go out shopping and socializing. The instructions are the same as the exercise above.

Speaking expressions exercise and worksheet for going out shopping and socializing.

Going out and socializing (PDF)

(audio mp3)

3 Common expressions for everyday socializing/living (with answers)

Another slightly more advanced exercise exploring the language students might encounter in everyday social interactions.

(Download PDF)

Common socializing expressions for daily living vocabulary/picture matching exercise.

 4 More expressions for talking to and about people (with answers)

This exercise focuses a little more on fashion and describing people.

(Download PDF)

Vocabulary and picture matching exercise for t describing people in everyday situations.

5 Elementary expressions for eating and talking about food (with answers)

And here is some essential language used when people are eating, talking about food or going to restaurants.

(Download PDF)

Elementary speaking expressions worksheet for eating and talking about food.

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