10 Jobs and Careers Vocabulary, Listening and Speaking Exercises

January 26th 2023

Language skills for job seekers can be taught with a variety of activities including worksheets using pictures to illustrate context,  and other engaging exercises such as brainstorming, questionnaires and simulated interviews that encourage students to use their  critical thinking abilities.

1 Expressing opinions about careers

A vocabulary and critical thinking exercise for discussing careers. Students use the words at the bottom of the page to complete the sentences and then agree/disagree with the statements and give reasons for their choices.

(download PDF)

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2 The Intern

This is a vocabulary listening and speaking exercise about a day in the life of an intern and contrasts it with university life.

(download listening/speaking PDF)

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3 Job enquiry by telephone (with audio and answers)

       This is a listening/speaking telephone dialogue activity.  A job candidate telephones a company manager and asks about he requirements for a job position.  It includes language and vocabulary commonly used during the job application process. Students listen and try to complete the conversation.

Job-enquiry-dialogue listening/speaking exercise for ESL students

Job enquiry conversation (PDF)

(see the video on YouTube)

 4 Elements of Employment -vocabulary & language (with answers)

  This is an  English  language  exercise  introducing and exploring the language and vocabulary of  careers and employment. Students try to match the vocabulary with the appropriate pictures. 

Jobs and employment vocabulary and language exercise for ESL students.

Elements of employment (PDF)

(see the YouTube video)

Elements of employment

5 Job and career brainstorm

A nice brainstorm exercise to start a class about job interviews.

(download PDF)

6 Parts of speech exercise for jobs and careers

A parts of speech exercise to help develop students’ language skills.

(download PDF)

7 Job interview scenarios listening/speaking (with audio and answers)

     This is a listening/speaking lesson  for practicing job interviews. Students try to complete the job interview speech bubbles with their own ideas and then listen to the audio and compare answers.

Job-interview-scenarios vocabulary and speaking complete-the speech-bubble exercise.

Job interview scenarios (PDF)

(see the YouTube video)

Job interview scenarios

8 Job interview expressions & phrases

This is an English language exploring further the language and vocabulary of job interviews. Students try to match the vocabulary with the appropriate pictures. Then they write sentences using the expressions.

Common job expressions worksheet for English language learners.

Job interview expressions (PDF)

Job interview expressions and phrases listening

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8 Job skills interview brainstorm and questions

     This is a  jobs skills interview lesson involving a brainstorm exercise and interview creation and role play activities to help graduating English language students prepare and role play the process of applying for a job. Students brainstorm vocabulary and write their own questions before doing an interview.


Job skills brainstorm (PDF)

9 Job interview adjectives

    This   exercise  introduces employment related adjectives. Students try to match the adjectives with the appropriate pictures.   


Job interview adjectives (PDF)

10  Career discussion questionnaire

     This is a  discussion  lesson  for talking about career paths. Students can interview classmates and try to decide what kind of career might meet their needs.  

career discussion questionnaire

Career discussion questionnaire (PDF)


11 Job interview lesson

This is a speaking and writing lesson for practicing job interviews. Each student chooses a a partner and they role play a job interview. One student is the company interviewer and the other student is the applicant. Then they switch roles. The interviewer can take notes. Finally, they write a short report from their interviews notes.

job interview lesson

Job interview lesson (PDF)

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11 Leadership potential interview/questionnaire

  Students interview a classmate about their leadership potential and write their opinions at the bottom of the page.  

Leadership potential interview speaking exercise

Leadership potential questionnaire(PDF)

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