Food, Restaurants and Cooking Listening, Speaking and Vocabulary Exercises

  • Food, restaurants, cooking and ingredients exercises are a great way of getting students engaged with the English language at elementary levels.
  • They also provide eternally topical material that can be used for surveys, questionnaires and role plays.
  • In addition, food-related topics are the easy to teach because there is a wealth of great visual material available to spice up lessons.

Vocabulary exercises for food & restaurants

13 food, eating and restaurant listening.speaking and  vocabulary  exercises (PDF)

7 kitchen and cooking vocabulary exercises (PDF)

Food vocabulary pronunciation exercise (PDF)

Food for thought crossword

English language teaching ideas for ordering in & talking about restaurants

Problem with a booking in a restaurant

Food Lessons for British Food , Eating Habits Habits & Holidays, Sayings

Understand English Through Famous Food Sayings

Food (About.com) Basic Ordering Food lesson plan

Food quizzes

Collection of food quizzes

Food Safety True/False Test

Restaurant role plays & surveys

Chef interview roleplay (PDF)

Restaurant role-play waiter sheet (PDF)

Food/eating habits vocabulary & discussion worksheet (PDF)

Food questionnaire-advanced (PDF)

Food & restaurant activities for talking about food

Food saying discussion worksheet (PDF)

Food/cooking brainstorming worksheet (PDF)

Methods of preparing food and cooking worksheet (PDF)

A collection of restaurant/food dialogs

Food and diet questions

English Vocabulary Word Groups – Food

Cooking Your Favorite Meal

Passive toast

Lesson plan:”British food is the best in the world”

Making a banana milkshake process exercise (PDF)