Savor the Flavor: Fabulous Food and Eating Listening, Speaking and Vocabulary Lessons

March 26th, 2023

Welcome to “Savor the Flavor,” a tasty destination for learning English as a second language through the delightful world of food, eating, and dining experiences!

We’ve tried to combine an appetizing blend of activities designed to help you develop essential English language skills while exploring various aspects of culinary culture, restaurant etiquette, taste sensations, and nutrition. With a perfect mix of vocabulary, listening, speaking, brainstorming, and grammar exercises, we aim to make your language learning journey as enjoyable and engaging as possible!

Enhance your vocabulary with our mouthwatering selection of food-related words and phrases, while our listening activities serve up authentic scenarios to help you practice your comprehension skills.

Our speaking exercises will have you confidently conversing about your favorite dishes, as well as ordering and recommending food in English, in no time. Let your creativity flow with brainstorming activities that inspire you to discuss and compare culinary traditions from around the world. And, of course, we’ve sprinkled in grammar exercises throughout the lessons to ensure you’re building a strong foundation in English.

“Savor the Flavor” is a feast for the mind, providing a unique and enjoyable way to learn English as a second language. So, let’s dig in….

1 Shopping list for food role play (elementary)

This is a role play between 2 room mates talking about the food items they need for their house or apartment. It includes basic vocabulary for food, and also countable and uncountable nouns.

(download PDF)

See the video on YouTube

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2 Taste and nutrition lesson

This is a lesson that explores the language of taste and nutrition with a variety of exercises including vocabulary and critical thinking exercises.

Download PDF

3 Celebrity chef interview

This is role play and listening/speaking exercise.

(download PDF)

(see the video on YouTube)

4 Bad restaurant role play

Bad restaurant is a listening speaking and role play exercise for talking about restaurant food and service.

(download PDF)

(See the YouTube video)

Bad restaurant role play

5 Talking about food conversation

A listening/speaking and writing-a-conversation exercise for upper elementary students.

(download PDF)

(see the video on YouTube)

Talking about food conversation

6 Introduction to ingredients

This is a fun way to start a class and introduce the vocabulary for ingredients to English language learners. Get students to watch the video or listen to the audio and write the vocabulary on the pictures on the PDF worksheet. Or you can just dictate the words randomly.

(Teacher’s sheets)

(Student’s worksheet)

(YouTube video)

7 kitchen and cooking vocabulary listening/speaking exercises

Food, Restaurants and Cooking Home

8  Hotel Vocabulary and Speaking Skills Exercises

5  Airport and Airline Vocabulary and Language Skills Exercises with Answers

5 Intercultural Communication Language Exercises and Worksheets

5 Cool Advertising & Branding Vocabulary & Language Exercises

7 Talking about food and eating vocabulary dictation

This is a similar format to the exercise above but it’s for talking about  food and eating.

Talking about food (PDF- teacher)

Talking about food (PDF- student)

(see the YouTube video)

Talking about food vocabulary dictation

 8 Restaurant dialogues speaking and listening worksheet (with audio answers)

This is an English language exercise to help students prepare to work in a restaurant or just learn about common restaurant exchanges so they are prepared to travel abroad or eat out with English language speakers. Students attempt to complete the dialogues. Then they can listen to the conversations and compare their answers.

Asking for information in a restaurant dialogues

Asking for information: restaurant dialogues (PDF)

(Youtube video of this exercise)

Restaurant dialogues

 9 Elementary  food conversation listening/speaking worksheet

Students can listen to the audio dialogue and complete the conversation. They can practice the conversation  or create their  own  conversation.

Food listening/speaking worksheet for esl students

Food conversation dialogue (PDF)

(see the video on YouTube)

Elementary  food conversation

10 Ordering in a restaurant listening activity and conversation worksheet (with audio answers)

This is a  fun “Ordering in a Restaurant” gap fill speaking activity for an English language  class.   Students listening to audio and  complete the conversation. Then the students can practice  the conversation, perform role plays and/or write their own “Ordering in a Restaurant” dialogues.

Ordering in a restaurant vocabulary and expressions ESL worksheet

Ordering in a restaurant dialogue (PDF)

(see the video on YouTube)

Ordering in a restaurant

11 Common expressions for talking about food (listening/speaking with answers and audio)

    This  is a vocabulary, listening  and speaking activity for using common expressions to talk about food and eating. Students match the sentences the pictures and answer the questions.  The listening activity could be done first or last. The students listen to the short conversational exchanges and match the letter of the item to the pictures.  

Language and speaking activity for using common expressions to talk about food and eating.

Common expressions for talking about food (PDF)

Common expressions for talking about food

12 Talking about food and eating vocabulary dictation 2

Another vocabulary and common expressions listening exercise.

Talking about food dictation 2 (PDF)

2 Talking about food vocabulary dictation 2

13 Listening and speaking skills worksheet: restaurant troubles (with audio and answers)

For this exercise students listen to the conversations and match the items (A-I) to the pictures. Then they listen to the short exchanges again and try to complete the speech bubbles. This kind of exercise encourages students to expand their vocabulary and improve their listening skills.

Restaurant complaint and troubles conversations listening and speaking activity

Restaurant troubles vocabulary and speaking exercise (PDF)

Restaurant troubles

14 Flavor sorting

This is a flavor sorting exercise.

15 Types of food sorting

This is a sorting exercise for types of food.

(download PDF)

16 Restaurant problems

What is going on in the pictures? What problems do the customers want to complain about?

(download PDF)

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