Elementary Health Problems, Symptoms and Illnesses Vocabulary and Listening/Speaking Exercises

Elementary illness and symptoms  language is more easily taught to English as a Second language students with the support of a variety of exercises and with  the support of pictures and audio which can be used to give context and  visually demonstrate medical conditions. Picture-matching and listening exercises work extremely well as icebreakers before speaking or reading exercises.

1 Elementary health problems and illnesses vocabulary and listening/speaking worksheet

This is an English language exercise introducing and practicing the language and vocabulary of health problems and illnesses. Students listen to the audio and try to match the vocabulary with the appropriate pictures.  Students then answer the questions at the bottom of the page.

Health treatment and illness symptoms vocabulary and speaking worksheet.

Health problems listening/speaking and vocabulary worksheet (PDF)

(see the YouTube version of this exercise)

Elementary health problems

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  2  Create a health and illness  conversation

Here, students have to write a health and illness conversation or dialogue . This is a good way to assess students understanding of the vocabulary and grammar of  this topic.

Create a health and illness conversation.

Write a health and illness conversation (PDF)

(see the video version on YouTube)

3 Common verbs for health, illness and treatment listening speaking worksheet (with  audio and answers)

This is an elementary English language exercise exploring verbs commonly used in health and medical treatments. Students listen to the audio, match the vocabulary with the appropriate pictures and complete the sentences. Then then they answer the questions.

Verbs for health treatment and illness vocabulary and speaking exercise.

Common verbs for health, illness and medical treatments worksheet (PDF)

(see the video on YouTube)

4 Health and illness vocabulary dictation

 These worksheets contain a wider range of common health problems and symptoms vocabulary. Vocabulary for talking about health is quite difficult. So once the students have matched the vocabulary to the pictures I get them to read the words and/or post videos of themselves reading the words as a pronunciation test. This exercise also works really well as an online listening assignment. Just post page 1 and 2   (page 2 if students are being presented the vocabulary for the first time) of the PDF,  along with the audio file to Google Classroom.  Students listen to the audio, write the vocabulary on the pictures digitally and then return the assignment.

Common health problems vocabulary worksheet

Common health problems (PDF)

Health and illness vocabulary dictation

4 Parts of speech  for health, illness and treatment worksheet (with  answers)

Although this exercise is a little more advanced, it works surprisingly well in the classroom.  It’s a great way to reinforce and  deepen students’ knowledge of health and illness vocabulary.

Parts of speech for health vocabulary sorting exercise.

Parts of speech for  health, illness and medical treatments worksheet (PDF)

     Listening exercises for vocabulary, speaking & grammar

 Coronavirus vocabulary and speaking worksheets (PDF)

3 Public Health and safety vocabulary exercises (PDF)

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6 Elements of health services vocabulary worksheet (with answers)

This is an  English language exercise introducing vocabulary for health services. Students try to match the vocabulary with the appropriate pictures.

lements of health services:illnesses and treatments vocabulary and language exercise

Elements of health services vocabulary (PDF)

7 Talking about common health problems

This is an elementary ESL exercise for practicing language useful for talking about health problems. Students try to complete the sentences with their own ideas.

Talking about common health problems speaking exercise

Talking about common health problems  worksheet (PDF)

8 Everyday hospital/medical appointment conversations

  This is an elementary ESL  exercise for practicing and reviewing  basic questions and answers necessary for discussing  health problems and talking about medical appointments. Students look at the pictures and fill in appropriate questions and answers.

Common health-appointments-conversation-worksheet

Common medical appointment conversations (PDF)

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