Medical Sciences Vocabulary and Language Exercises

It’s quite difficult finding good exercises for teaching English for the medical sciences. Below are some exercises including a variety of topics: describing graphs and trends, logistics, brain-related vocabulary, venipuncture, exercises for scientific adjectives, measuring, laboratory vocabulary and microbiology related vocabulary and more.

1 Common verbs for medical treatment listening speaking worksheet (with  audio, video and answers)

This is an elementary English language exercise exploring verbs commonly used in health and medical treatments. Students listen to the audio, match the vocabulary with the appropriate pictures and complete the sentences. Then then they answer the questions.

Verbs for health treatment and illness vocabulary and speaking exercise.

Common verbs for medical treatments worksheet (PDF)

(see the video on YouTube)

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2 Describing graphs for medical science

Here is an exercise introducing basic academic vocabulary for talking about graphs in the medical sciences.

Download PDF

3 Describing trends for medical science

Similar but more difficult than the exercise above, this activity focuses vocabulary for talking about trends in the medical sciences.

Download PDF

4 Using phrasal verbs in the medical sciences

This exercise practices common phrasal verbs in the context of the medical sciences.

Download PDF

5 Logistics for medication and pharmaceuticals

Here is an exercise exploring vocabulary commonly used for discussing the logistics of ordering and delivering medication.

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6 Functions of the brain

This is a great language learning topic as is it can lead in many directions. It’s especially good for medical sciences.

(see the YouTube video)

(download PDF – harder)

(download PDF – easier)

7 Expressing opinions about viruses and vaccines

This is a vocabulary and discussion exercise for giving opinions about vaccines.

(download PDF)

8 Health/medical sciences vocabulary worksheets

These health/medical sciences vocabulary worksheets using images which graphically represent the meanings of words  are great introductory exercises for teaching non-native speakers the  English language terminology of medical sciences subjects such as medical technology.

Health/medical technology and sciences vocabulary and language exercise for ESL students.

Health/medical sciences vocabulary 1 (PDF)

Health/medical sciences vocabulary 2 (PDF)

Health/medical sciences vocabulary 3 (PDF)

Health/medical sciences vocabulary 4 (PDF)


9  Venipuncture and health check vocabulary  exercises (with answers)

This is a complete venipuncture and health check language lesson including picture vocabulary matching, multiple choice quiz and venipuncture process writing activity. I have developed this lesson for teaching medical technology students in Thailand.

Venipuncture and health check vocabulary exercises.

Venipuncture and health check vocabulary exercises  (PDF)


Viruses and vaccines

7  Health Problems, Symptoms and Illnesses Vocabulary Exercises

3 Public Health and safety vocabulary exercises (PDF)

Health and Body Lessons Home

Body Parts Vocabulary Exercises

Public Health and Safety Lessons

10  Scientific adjectives

“Scientific adjectives”  includes adjectives frequently used in the health sciences. It also includes a picture-vocabulary matching activity and a comparative adjective grammar exercise helping students understand how to use these adjectives when making comparisons.

Science related adjectives exercise for English language learners.

Scientific adjectives  (PDF)


11  Basic measuring vocabulary

“Basic measuring vocabulary”  includes vocabulary commonly used for talking about  amounts, sizes  and quantities in medical science situations such as in a laboratory.

Basic health sciences measuring vocabulary exercise.

Basic measuring vocabulary  (PDF)


12 Jobs and people in medicine

This is an elementary ESL exercise for practicing language useful for describing medical and health occupations. Students try to complete the sentences with their own ideas. There is some useful vocabulary at the bottom of the page.

Jobs for medicine vocabulary worksheet exercise

Jobs for medicine (PDF)

13 Using needles (giving injections) vocabulary

This is an elementary ESL exercise for practicing language useful for talking about using needles and giving injections. Students try to complete the sentences with the words at the top of the page.

Health sciences giving injections vocabulary exercise

Giving injections (PDF)

14 Talking about blood vocabulary worksheet

This is an elementary ESL exercise for practicing language useful for talking about blood. Students try to complete the sentences with the appropriate words.

Talking about blood language exercise

Talking about blood (PDF)


This exercise  includes language  commonly used to talk about equipment and other aspects of a laboratory.

An exercise teaching useful vocabulary for a health sciences or medical technology laboratory.

Laboratory related  vocabulary and expressions (PDF)


16 Basic vocabulary for medical tools worksheet

     This is an  elementary English  language  exercise  introducing medical tools vocabulary.  Students try to match the vocabulary with the appropriate pictures.

Basic vocabulary for medical tools exercise

 Medical tools (PDF)

This includes worksheet includes   language commonly used to talk about  topics related to industrial microbiology.

Microbiology vocabulary language exercise for English language learners 2019

Microbiology vocabulary review exercise 1(PDF)

Microbiology vocabulary review exercise 2 (PDF)


10 opinion and argument writing worksheets

8 comparison/contrast templates and exercises

10 cause/effect writing activities

3 kinds of exercises for teaching transitions

6 memorable narrative essay writing practice exercises (PDF)

6 delightful descriptive paragraph and essay writing exercises  (PDF)

11 essential exercises for elementary writing students (PDF)

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