Making Decisions and Choices: Language for Critical Thinking in English

This page is dedicated to providing resources and exercises that will equip students with the necessary language and vocabulary to effectively use language for making decisions and choices.

1 Making decisions

This is a listening/speaking exercise exploring the language used when making decisions and choices.

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(See the YouTube video)

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2 Verb-noun collocations for making decisions

This worksheet consists of a vocabulary-picture matching activity, listening exercise and speaking activity for making decisions and talking about life-changing decisions.

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See the YouTube video

3 Making decisions icebreaker

An easy way way to introduce the topic.

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4 Making decisions introduction

This is an introduction to a lesson about making decisions including: a classifying exercise; a “true/ false statement exercise” exercise; and a collocation exercise.

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5 Making decisions: critical thinking

This is a more advanced critical thinking exercise about making decisions including: a ranking exercise; a “agree/disagree statement exercise” exercise; and a sentence starter exercise.

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