Decisions Made Easy: Language for Critical Thinking in English

As a teacher of English as a second language,  it is important to understand that language is not just a tool for communication but also a means to think, decide, and express oneself. Here, we focus on a crucial aspect of everyday life and communication – making decisions. This webpage is dedicated to providing resources and exercises that will equip your students with the necessary language and vocabulary to effectively express decision-making processes in English.

Learning the language of making decisions is crucial for several reasons:

Autonomy: Understanding decision-making language allows students to express their personal choices independently.

Effective Communication: Decision-making is an integral part of daily conversations. Knowing how to discuss options, express preferences, and articulate decisions enhances communication skills.

Real-world Applications: From professional environments to personal relationships to shopping, we aare always making decisions.

Critical Thinking: The process of making decisions involves analyzing situations, considering options, and reaching conclusions. Learning the language of decision-making, therefore, contributes to the development of critical thinking skills.

1 Making decisions

This is a listening/speaking exercise exploring the language used when making decisions and choices.

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2 Verb-noun collocations for making decisions

This worksheet consists of a vocabulary-picture matching activity, listening exercise and speaking activity for making decisions and talking about life-changing decisions.

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3 Making decisions introduction

This is an introduction to a lesson about making decisions including: a classifying exercise; a “true/ false statement exercise” exercise; and a collocation exercise.

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4 Making decisions: critical thinking

This is a more advanced critical thinking exercise about making decisions including: a ranking exercise; a “agree/disagree statement exercise” exercise; and a sentence starter exercise.

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