Classroom Language and Vocabulary Exercises and Worksheets

1 Brainstorming classroom expressions (with answers)

This is a good icebreaker for talking about classroom language.

Classroom expressions brainstorm worksheet.

(download PDF)

2 Classroom language: rules & commands (with audio and answers)

  The  exercises below are for introducing, reviewing or reinforcing commonly used  classroom language. Depending on the level and ability of the students, a teacher may ask students to listen and write down the rules and commands (imperatives) they hear. I have also used these exercises for teaching teachers who use two languages in the classroom and who generally use their native language for technical subjects such as science and medical technology but like to occasionally communicate in English. This helps familiarize the students with classroom communication in English.

Classroom-rules-language and vocabulary exercise worksheet

Classroom language: rules and commands (PDF)

Classroom language: rules & commands

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3 Classroom instructions – imperatives (with audio and answers)

         Below is another exercise for  expanding the range of ESL students’ or teachers’ vocabulary. These are a collection of common imperatives used in the classroom.

classroom instructions language and vocabulary exercise

Classroom language and instructions  with answers (PDF)

Classroom instructions

4 Classroom requests & queries (with audio and answers)

The elementary exercise focuses on classroom requests.

classroom requests worksheet

Classroom requests worksheet w. answers (PDF)

Classroom requests & queries


5 Classroom objects (with answers)

Students match the classroom classroom objects to the appropriate pictures. If they are good enough, they can try to make sentences using the words. Then they complete the gap fill exercise with the appropriate words.

Classroom objects vocabulary exercises.

Classroom objects vocabulary exercises (PDF)

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6  Elements of classroom communication (with answers)

Students match the classroom expressions and language to the appropriate pictures.

Common classroom language and vocabulary picture matching exercise.

Elements of classroom communication (PDF)


 7 Brainstorming instructional vocabulary

This worksheet is a brainstorming exercise challenging students to explore and expand   their knowledge of classroom language. The teacher encourages students to think of any words, expressions or collocations that might be used with the encircled words.

Brainstorming-instructional-classroom voacabulary

Brainstorming instructional vocabulary for the classroom(PDF)

8 Teacher language: advanced classroom language

The following worksheet is suitable for more advanced learners. It focuses  on word formation.

Advanced-classroom-language and vocabulary exercise

Advanced classroom language (PDF)

9 Common classroom expressions matching exercise

The exercise below is for helping students to understand and explore classroom language and expressions. Classroom language can often be confusing due to the various ways of using phrasal and two-part verbs. It is often surprising how  far students advance without fully understanding classroom language.   I have also used this exercise for teaching teachers who use two languages in the classroom and who generally use their native language for technical subjects such as science and medical technology but like to give instructions and directions in English.

Common classroom expressions for ESL worksheet

Common classroom expressions matching exercise (PDF)


10 Common classroom language and expressions

The exercise below is another exercise exploring commonly used classroom language with the aid of pictures.

Classroom-language and vocabulary worksheet

Common classroom language  and expressions (PDF)


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