Super Sports Language Exercises and Worksheets

  • Learning and understanding the language of sport  is a fun way for English language learners to improve their vocabulary.
  • Many expressions and phrases used to talk about different sports can also be applied to everyday life.

1 Interview with a famous athlete (2022)

Not all students love sport, but for those that do, this is a great exercise. They can watch/listen to the model role play(which can also be used as a listening exercise) and then create a role pay about their sports hero.

(download PDF)

See the video on YouTube

2 Expressing opinions about sport

A vocabulary and discussion activity about playing and watching sports.

(download PDF)

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3 Brainstorming the benefits of sports and free time activities

A great way to start a class talking about exercise, sport and health benefits.

(download PDF)

4 Talking about sport questionnaire worksheet

This is a discussion and vocabulary  exercise to help students learn or review common sporting vocabulary and discuss sport, exercise and health.

Sport vocabulary and speaking activity.

Talking about sport (PDF)

5 Basic sport phrases worksheet (with answers)

This is an exercise students to help learn common sporting phrases. Students match the phrases to the pictures and write short sentences.

Common sport phrases vocabulary exercise

Body sport phrases (PDF)

6  Sport vocabulary sorting

This is an exercise students learn or review common sporting vocabulary. Students sort the words into the appropriate columns.

Sports vocabulary sorting exercise.

Sport vocabulary sorting (PDF)

7 Basic sport vocabulary (with answers)

  This is another  exercise students to help learn  common sporting vocabulary. Students match the words to the pictures and write short sentences.

Basic sport vocabulary exercise.

Basic sport vocabulary  (PDF)

8 Sports discussion and opinion exercise

This is a pair work speaking exercise for students to give their opinions about sport. Students fill in the left hand columns with topics of their own choosing. Then they write their own ideas in the middle column. Finally, they interview their partners and fill in the third column.

A sport discussion and opinion exercise.

Sport opinion exercise  (PDF)

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