Classroom Language Exercises and Worksheets

  • Learning and understanding classroom language is essential for a smooth English language teaching experience.
  • Many expressions and phrases used in the class room are  also frequently used in everyday life.
  • Classroom language can be broken up into lessons focusing on requests, imperatives, orders,  and complaints.
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8 Classroom language and vocabulary exercises and worksheets

Classroom language: fill in the words (PDF)

Common classroom phrasal verbs worksheet (PDF)

Classroom expressions review worksheet (PDF)

Explain these expressions (PDF)

Phrasal verbs for teaching exercises (PDF)

Putting classroom language into categories (PDF)

Classroom language word formation exercise (PDF)

Classroom language situations worksheet (PDF)

Classroom language word formation exercise (PDF)

Classsroom language:stages in the lesson (PDF)

Classroom phrases (PDF)

100 English phrases to use in class (PDF)

Everyday English expressions in class (PDF)