ESL Games and Fun ESL Activities

Games aid language learning in many ways even though students may not be aware of it.

A game that is focused on a particular language function or grammar  area makes the teaching and classroom environment  a lot more fun. It complements group work and helps build relationships between students.

Pic Tac Toe a game for reviewing basic tenses

GHOSTS -Past tense speaking game for groups (see activity 6)

Adjective Gallery: a fun exercise for the ESL classroom

Talking about games (PDF)

Customs, lies gestures (PDF)

Two Truths and a Lie

What’s my job ?

Who am I?

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Did You? Tic Tac Toe (PDF)

Elementary 20 questions

Thereis/there are card game

Phrasal Verbs Card Game

Going to card game

Noughts and crosses (for vocab)

Memory Card Game

Hot seat 


Miming Games

Games and Activities – Various Levels

Noughts and crosses (for vocab)

Jeopardy Game Show Review:how to create
a jeopardy game

Quiz games

Business etiquette quiz (PDF)